School’s Out- Summer Playlist!

My 4th grade students are so great! They each gave me a song to remember them by, and putting into a playlist, it’s pretty fantastic 🙂 I will think of each one of those kids all summer long !

School's Out Summer Playlist

Feel good summer songs.


A Girl Scout’s Guide to Sabotage

We all start out the year with good intentions. By March, our grand resolutions start to fizzle out.  What happened? I’ll tell you what …. Girl Scouts.

Piranhas, I should call them …small, dangerous, aggressive, and deadly when traveling in packs (or troupes). They can smell blood in the water… or a dieter with a weakness for sugar and sweet (seemingly innocent) smiles. And before you know it, your New Year’s goals have been devoured like that box of Thin Mints you just ate in the parking lot.


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Acting Like an Adult

10 Practical Life Skills That I Learned from Being a Theatre Geek

The other day, as I was packing up my classroom for the day, some high school students came by to raise money for their theatre club. Being a former theatre geek myself, I happily donated (for the exchange of some Cracker Jacks) to their endeavor. I have students who are convinced that they are going to play pro football someday (and thus don’t need to learn multiplication) and I giggled looking back at all my friends back in high school who were convinced they’d be receiving Oscars by their 25th birthday. Very few of my stage friends are still working in theater, but as I drove home I couldn’t help but think of how “playing pretend” with my cast-mates on the stage helped me learn essential life skills I needed as an adult.

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New Year, New Pants: A Joy List

I knew 2017 was off to a stellar start when I split my pants in class on our first Friday back to school. Now, mind you, after teaching preteen girls for so many years, I could write a master’s course on the fine arts of concealing embarrassing…uh… wardrobe issues …that come with “growing and changing”.  Typically, this kind of seam-splitting embarrassment in front of my students would drive me to rework my New Year’s resolutions. I would vow to include more carrots in my diet and fewer tea cakes (which I may have unabashedly considered a main course over the holiday…which also may have resulted in me pushing the limits of Lycra and spandex!).

I could cry, however it was so much more fun to throw on my pea coat, disguising my malfunction, dismiss the kids, …and laugh with the other teachers about my afterschool plans would have to be altered… as well as my pants!

Joy! This year, the desire of my heart to is embrace more of it…intentionally. I don’t feel that you simply catch joy, but it is something that you foster and protect. In these next 12 months, I want to invest my time in the activities that feed my soul, leaving me feel more purposeful and fulfilled, while ridding my schedule of interruptions that steal away that life-giving spirit.

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Countdown to Christmas!

Every year, I feel like the holidays creep up on us. Before we know it, the whirlwind rush is over and it’s already time to pack up the trees and trimmings (as I type this, I realize that in our household we keep up the “winter tree” longer than socially appropriate!).

One of my favorite Christmas carol lines is “A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices“. It can be so easy to get swept up in the things we think we have to do for Christmas, that our over-obligation offers few silent nights and run the risk of leaving us feeling run over by a one horse open sleigh. When, in reality, the spirit of this holiday is to rejoice because of the hope that is in us!

This year, my desire is to slow down. Enjoy this season of celebration with family, friends, and fellowship. I enjoy making lists probably as much as Saint Nick, so I wanted to share with you a list of favorite scripture that helps me quite my own heart each day this in this frenzied month and reflect on the promises that give us hope.

Please feel welcomed to download the free PDF version here with both the full color version and a printer friendly black and white versions of the Countdown to Christmas calendar and reflection page!


Many Blessing and have a Merry Christmas!


Shopping for Contentment

I never thought I’d be thanking God for removing me from a land full of Targets. Target is my kryptonite… especially this time of year. When I was first living on my own, I’d head into the store with the sole purpose of purchasing something like toilet paper (most likely after a close call that morning with the roll getting dangerously close to the cardboard). I’d barely make it through the threshold before my eyes (and my cart) would wander away from the direction of said toilet paper and down the dollar aisle, then the home wares (who knew that they made salt and pepper shakers in 42 varieties… I must buy them all!!!) and then of course I would need to peruse the clothing area for that plaid shirt or those yoga pants for working out. An hour later, I’d be checking out with a hundred dollars worth of “stuff” I didn’t know I needed until Target told me that I did!

After getting home, I’d head to the restroom… and realize… I forgot the toilet paper.


Thankfulness can be easy in comparison to contentment. I find it quite easy to list the things I am grateful for, but it’s a constant battle to tell my spirit that I don’t need {just a little} more.

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Feel Good Fall Playlist 2016- Perfect music mix of classic and hits for the crisp air, PSL filled car rides in the autumn. Music for your fall festivities!

Feel Good Fall Playlist

I cannot express how much I love long scenic drives! I miss those introverted hours on the road having my personal carpool karaoke time 🙂 Every drive need that music to get you pumped for your adventure! The fall leaves, crisp air, and cozy sweaters (accompanied by a Starbucks PSL) need a music list to match. So here is my current mix that is getting me jazzed for the colder weather!

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