Kindergarten Advice “Grownup Me” Should Follow


“I often give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it” 

-Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland

I teach Kindergarten. There is immense drama when you are 5… I am my students’ sensei, learning the art of handling life at school. However, lately I’ve realized these phrases I hear myself saying daily, I should be listening to and apply in my own life .

  1. “Are you excited?!? You should be!”– Let’s be honest, there are some days that are flat out boring. Sitting in traffic, buying groceries, and answering emails can get tedious. In Kindergarten, we have a lot of routine, as we learn how to “do school”. In essence, we are practicing structure, rule following, and procedures, which is not always fun. To battle the potential boredom, I start every class period announcing all the events (like Library or Spanish class) we should be super excited for …we don’t proceed until my class is cheering! It’s kind of like a mini “pep rally” for everyday life. Cheesy, though it sounds, it starts my students on an incredibly positive note the very first thing in the day. They have goals and highlights to look forward to…

Grownup ApplicationIn my classroom, I must seem like I have the energy of a  caffeinated squirrel fresh off hibernation. I’m faking it. I slink out of bed each morning with less vigor than a sloth on Ambien. However, I have coffee… it’s something I look forward to every morning. I also have a wonderful husband (my barista) who makes me giggle first thing…and students who make sure I always have a humorous surprise during my day! These are some of the little things that bring me joy and motivate me through the tedium of the day. We should intentionally get overly excited about even the smallest things that bring joy to our lives.

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