February Thoughts: Doing Things You Love, Just Because

As I’ve been getting in the habit of getting to work pretty early and cranking out the laborious parts of the job before my students arrive, I’ve enjoyed the added bonus of having the freedom to leave work before the sun goes down, (which here is before 4:30). Driving home has become one of my most beloved parts of the day. I am constantly in awe of the pink clouds next to the icy blue sky and snow reflecting the colors in opal-like glory. The cotton candy skies every afternoon served as a motivation to get going in the morning and keep moving during the day!


February Favorite… Do the things you love for no other reason except the joy it brings you!

Every year Pantone puts out it’s “Color of the Year”. I always thought it quite silly…imaging a paint swatch waddling up the stage to receive it’s  award… “I would like to thank Sherman Williams for mixing me, Benjamin Moore for creating me…” Okay… random brain tangent. Apologies. This year, the cotton candy duo, Rose Quartz & Serenity,  that was bringing me joy every day on my winter commute home was chosen for the colors of the year! So silly, but I was so happy… tickled really, over something entirely frivolous, inconsequential, but oddly personal because it reminded me of those beloved daily drives…

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Virtue of Good Intentions: When Your Husband Does the Laundry & Dyes Your Clothes Blue

Monday of Mondays!!! I was already rushing, trying to get out the door early so I could drive through a blizzard to get to work. I’m running around trying to find some dress pants… I had done laundry on Friday, so I know they were clean, just missing! So on my second lap around the house trying to find clothes to throw on, I meander into the laundry room. My eyes are immediately drawn to the washer light flashing. [Side Note: our washer is the worst…we have to sit on it during the spin cycle, otherwise the load gets uneven and stops]. I open the lid and to my dismay, the sum of my work clothes are soaking wet, sitting in a pool of water in the washer.  YUCK.

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Learning the Art of Consistency


Okay. So it’s the season of resolution slacking and post holiday snacking. The kids are back at school after a long break and a month of in school holiday parties.  We are back from travel, cleaned up from hosting, and getting back into the swing of “real life”. So how now, that the lights and hubbub are down do we not only reenter our everyday with the gumption to rock our goals for the new year?  The key is learning the skill of being “consistent”.

Learning the Lost Art of Consistency GumptionGrace.com

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New Year, Fresh Start, Blank Planners


My mind runs away from me most days like a sugared up five year old at Disneyland, aimlessly ricocheting from one attraction to the next without a sense of purposeful motion. Jumping from anxieties about work, to home, up to marriage and family, back to hobbies, and over to never-ending things to do… pretty soon my mind has strung a web of worries, and I experience a “paralysis of analysis” and find myself neither at peace nor productive.

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