Virtue of Good Intentions: When Your Husband Does the Laundry & Dyes Your Clothes Blue

Monday of Mondays!!! I was already rushing, trying to get out the door early so I could drive through a blizzard to get to work. I’m running around trying to find some dress pants… I had done laundry on Friday, so I know they were clean, just missing! So on my second lap around the house trying to find clothes to throw on, I meander into the laundry room. My eyes are immediately drawn to the washer light flashing. [Side Note: our washer is the worst…we have to sit on it during the spin cycle, otherwise the load gets uneven and stops]. I open the lid and to my dismay, the sum of my work clothes are soaking wet, sitting in a pool of water in the washer.  YUCK.

When Your Husband Dyes Your Clothes Blue

I take a deep breath. As I fruitlessly transfer the wet rags to the dryer, I realize that these are the work clothes I had washed and dried on Friday! Then I see darks, and colors, and {what used to be} WHITES… What? Monday of Mondays! My whites had been dyed blue from a dry-clean only indigo scarf that had been thrown in the wash. I swear steam was coming out of my ears.

Another deep breath… my husband had not only thrown my clean work clothes in the dryer with dirty laundry, but also mixed the colors with whites and had thrown in something that would stain the whole load. I frantically marched upstairs, tried to use self-control, and  exhorted my husband about his laundry failures, imploring him to never do my laundry again without asking. He looked puzzled and tried to explain that he washed them on cold… he felt awful. As I went back downstairs, I realized…

I am a horrible wife.

My husband had done my laundry without asking… how dare he. Wait, he did it out of the kindness of his heart, trying to love me by serving. I realized as I got downstairs that the laundry basket full of clean clothes probably looked dirty because I hadn’t folded them after taking the clothes out of the dryer. He threw them in the washer and, on his own, looked for other clothes of mine he could wash [including dry clean only, dye-bleeding scarves] . Sure I didn’t have work clothes that morning, but why punish his good deed?

Then I thought about the other kind things he had done, just that morning, and realized…

I am the WORST wife.

In the 90mins since we had awoken that morning, he stayed in bed with me, letting me hit the snooze at least 3 times while he held me close. When he got up to workout, he left me to sleep in another 20min (even though I had intended to go with him…trying to get my tired butt out of bed) while he made coffee and put away dishes. As I woke up, he brought me my caffeine fix to my nightstand and gave me a kiss before he left for working out. He took my car to the gym, so it would be clear of snow and warmed up when I needed to leave.

In my haste in the laundry room, I could only see how my husband had wronged me. It was like the one annoyance/indiscretion had blinded me to all the amazing things he had done, even just that morning, to demonstrate love to me. I immediately ran back upstairs and gave him the biggest hug and expressed my gratitude to him for taking time to do my laundry.  I apologized for my earlier admonishment for the accident and thanked him for being more than I deserve.

I keep relearning, this same lesson it seems. How many times are other people’s shortcomings (or my own for that matter) brought so far to the forefront, that I am blinded to the virtues of their efforts? My husband had no ill will, but on the contrary had only been proactively searching for ways to show me love.

Sure, a handful of my clothes look like a summer camp tie-dye project gone awry….But,  I will proudly wear these cerulean splotches on my clothes as a badge of honor of how entirely loved I am by my husband.

Here’s to seeing the virtue of good intentions,


*Also, if anyone has some stain removing tricks or tips, I am in dire need of advice 🙂

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