February Thoughts: Doing Things You Love, Just Because

As I’ve been getting in the habit of getting to work pretty early and cranking out the laborious parts of the job before my students arrive, I’ve enjoyed the added bonus of having the freedom to leave work before the sun goes down, (which here is before 4:30). Driving home has become one of my most beloved parts of the day. I am constantly in awe of the pink clouds next to the icy blue sky and snow reflecting the colors in opal-like glory. The cotton candy skies every afternoon served as a motivation to get going in the morning and keep moving during the day!


February Favorite… Do the things you love for no other reason except the joy it brings you!

Every year Pantone puts out it’s “Color of the Year”. I always thought it quite silly…imaging a paint swatch waddling up the stage to receive it’s  award… “I would like to thank Sherman Williams for mixing me, Benjamin Moore for creating me…” Okay… random brain tangent. Apologies. This year, the cotton candy duo, Rose Quartz & Serenity,  that was bringing me joy every day on my winter commute home was chosen for the colors of the year! So silly, but I was so happy… tickled really, over something entirely frivolous, inconsequential, but oddly personal because it reminded me of those beloved daily drives…

There is a point to this. It was fun to see that this thing I love was now deemed popular, but I loved it before that every happened. Would my awe of the late afternoon sky been lessened had Pantone declared Carrot Orange as the winner; or course NOT! Yet, how many times have I tried (consciously or subconsciously) to like or do something because everyone else declared it worth my time? How many people did I try to form friendships in situations where we just weren’t compatible? How many times did I drag my mom to the mall as a preteen to buy some horrid Limited Too garb or spray glitter in my hair because my friends did… or the worst…use Sun-in hair lighting spray on my already blonde hair simply because my Best Friend did (It turned my hair that Carrot Orange I mentioned earlier). Doing the things everyone else told me to love was not what I needed; it certainly did not bring me the happiness it promised!

February is a month that celebrates and centers around love. My goal for this month is to be intentional in taking time to do the things I love, simple because I love them. I want to paint, even though it’ll never hang in the Guggenheim. I want to watch Frasier, even though everyone is telling me to watch Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I want to listen to Will Smith and Outcast on Pandora while doing a Jillian Michaels workout in my living room, even though all my friends are becoming CrossFit converts. By golly, I will keep my Christmas tree up for another week (or two) because my husband and I love how it sparkles! Here’s to a leap year February. May it be filled with the things and people you truly love and bring you happiness!

Many Blessings and enjoy that bonus day this month,




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