Mother Knows Best: Mom’s Unconventional Wisdom

This week my kindergarteners were writing reports (okay, 3 sentences, but epic writing for 5 year olds) about the main gals in their lives… their moms! This week I also dodged questions of when I was going to become a mama (from both students and parents 😉 ), and my little class started to fixate on the shocking revelation that their teacher has a mommy, too.

In our class reports, we needed to describe our moms. Two words came to mind with my own… “silly” and “wise”. Growing up, I had a mother who helped me find the humor in situations, was able to lighten the mood with her goofiness, and parented a bit different that other moms I knew. Looking back, I see her little quirks in a different light as an adult. Her lightheartedness does not equate shallowness. These silly memories taught me more life wisdom than serious sit downs with my parents. I have always deeply loved my mother, but as I get older, I gain increasing respect for her godly wisdom as a mother.

Mother Knows Best Mom's Unconventional Wisdom.png

Lessons I learned from my mom…

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