Summer Bucket List

When you’re a teacher and your school doesn’t get out until the middle to the END of June, it is essential to create a “Summer Bucket List” so you don’t run out of time to do that fun stuff you’ve been putting off. Here’s my Top Ten…  let me know if I forgot anything 😉


  1. Hike Mt. Fuji
  2. Go out [specifically and intentionally] for ice cream at LEAST once a week!
  3. Finish Master’s in Family and Marriage Counseling
  4. Find and Run with Wild Horses
  5. Go to Harry Potter World
  6. Learn to Fly Fish
  7. Empty and Reorganize my Closet (Marie Kondo Style)
  8. Run a 5k without stopping
  9. Get a [Healthy] dose of sunshine and sleep
  10. Give my family a HUGE hug!!!

Praying you all have a wonderful summer! Let me know what your Top Ten are for this summer!

Many blessings,


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