You are Blessed: Modern Beatitudes

There is something beautiful about seeing with fresh eyes. Like when you come home from a long trip and see the charm of what had become dry from familiarity. Even the truest or words can lose impact and breed apathy when we’ve heard them over and over … kind of like when you endless repeat your name or a common word until it sounds nonsensical.

With Scripture, I find myself constantly shifting away from the translations I grew up memorizing (good ol’ NIV), in search for one that makes the words fresh again in my mind. I absolutely love The Message version to read side by side with NIV because it makes me put to heart the words I memorized as a child. (I seriously need to just buy parallel study Bible so I’m not spilling my coffee as I juggle my phone translation and my leather bound classic).

In my Bible study, the Beatitudes were part of our Scripture readings. I was so touched by the translation I found, I just had to share it! What an encouragement Christ gives to us. Sometimes it can be discouraging living in a world where meekness is seen as weakness and praise is seen as unpleasant piety. Jesus blesses those who are different.

Truly, may you all be blessed this week!


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