New Year, New Pants: A Joy List

I knew 2017 was off to a stellar start when I split my pants in class on our first Friday back to school. Now, mind you, after teaching preteen girls for so many years, I could write a master’s course on the fine arts of concealing embarrassing…uh… wardrobe issues …that come with “growing and changing”.  Typically, this kind of seam-splitting embarrassment in front of my students would drive me to rework my New Year’s resolutions. I would vow to include more carrots in my diet and fewer tea cakes (which I may have unabashedly considered a main course over the holiday…which also may have resulted in me pushing the limits of Lycra and spandex!).

I could cry, however it was so much more fun to throw on my pea coat, disguising my malfunction, dismiss the kids, …and laugh with the other teachers about my afterschool plans would have to be altered… as well as my pants!

Joy! This year, the desire of my heart to is embrace more of it…intentionally. I don’t feel that you simply catch joy, but it is something that you foster and protect. In these next 12 months, I want to invest my time in the activities that feed my soul, leaving me feel more purposeful and fulfilled, while ridding my schedule of interruptions that steal away that life-giving spirit.

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