You are Blessed: Modern Beatitudes

There is something beautiful about seeing with fresh eyes. Like when you come home from a long trip and see the charm of what had become dry from familiarity. Even the truest or words can lose impact and breed apathy when we’ve heard them over and over … kind of like when you endless repeat your name or a common word until it sounds nonsensical.

With Scripture, I find myself constantly shifting away from the translations I grew up memorizing (good ol’ NIV), in search for one that makes the words fresh again in my mind. I absolutely love The Message version to read side by side with NIV because it makes me put to heart the words I memorized as a child. (I seriously need to just buy parallel study Bible so I’m not spilling my coffee as I juggle my phone translation and my leather bound classic).

In my Bible study, the Beatitudes were part of our Scripture readings. I was so touched by the translation I found, I just had to share it! What an encouragement Christ gives to us. Sometimes it can be discouraging living in a world where meekness is seen as weakness and praise is seen as unpleasant piety. Jesus blesses those who are different.

Truly, may you all be blessed this week!


Lessons from a {Reformed?} Control Freak

Currently, I am nursing my wounds from one of the most miserable dates ever. Ok, not to be totally negative… it was a perfect gorgeous fall day, I was with the love of my life, and we were exploring the mountain gorges and waterfalls of Northern Japan… So it seemed Insta-perfect… however, we did so on mountain bikes. I HATE mountain biking. Never could pinpoint the reason, but there’s always been this aversion to the activity.  It has nothing to do with not being adventurous, athletic, or outdoorsy, but has everything to do with control.

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Helicopter Parenting (Pt 1) : How to Handicap Your Capable Kids

The dreaded helicopter parent... As a teacher and a millennial, I know to avoid them at all cost. While finishing up my Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling, I keep finding research emphasizing the devastating, lasting impact of this type of parenting style on brain development, emotional stability, and spiritual growth of the child. Here I just thought hovering parents were annoying!  From the bottom of this teachers heart… please, please, please, PLEASE STOP HOVERING! 

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Summer Bucket List

When you’re a teacher and your school doesn’t get out until the middle to the END of June, it is essential to create a “Summer Bucket List” so you don’t run out of time to do that fun stuff you’ve been putting off. Here’s my Top Ten…  let me know if I forgot anything 😉


  1. Hike Mt. Fuji
  2. Go out [specifically and intentionally] for ice cream at LEAST once a week!
  3. Finish Master’s in Family and Marriage Counseling
  4. Find and Run with Wild Horses
  5. Go to Harry Potter World
  6. Learn to Fly Fish
  7. Empty and Reorganize my Closet (Marie Kondo Style)
  8. Run a 5k without stopping
  9. Get a [Healthy] dose of sunshine and sleep
  10. Give my family a HUGE hug!!!

Praying you all have a wonderful summer! Let me know what your Top Ten are for this summer!

Many blessings,


Juicy Lucy Recipe

Recipe- The Juicy Lucy

My husband and I grew up in different areas of the country. Getting to know one another as newlyweds, you learn more about each other, specifically, things that are NOT common knowledge to the other. Last week I told my husband that I would make him a “Juicy Lucy” for lunch and he looked at me with wild befuddlement.

Realizing that not everyone grew up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I thought I’d share a Minnesota Summer Favorite!

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Mother Knows Best: Mom’s Unconventional Wisdom

This week my kindergarteners were writing reports (okay, 3 sentences, but epic writing for 5 year olds) about the main gals in their lives… their moms! This week I also dodged questions of when I was going to become a mama (from both students and parents 😉 ), and my little class started to fixate on the shocking revelation that their teacher has a mommy, too.

In our class reports, we needed to describe our moms. Two words came to mind with my own… “silly” and “wise”. Growing up, I had a mother who helped me find the humor in situations, was able to lighten the mood with her goofiness, and parented a bit different that other moms I knew. Looking back, I see her little quirks in a different light as an adult. Her lightheartedness does not equate shallowness. These silly memories taught me more life wisdom than serious sit downs with my parents. I have always deeply loved my mother, but as I get older, I gain increasing respect for her godly wisdom as a mother.

Mother Knows Best Mom's Unconventional Wisdom.png

Lessons I learned from my mom…

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