The Author


Thank you for visiting my little writing space.

In school, I could never decide whether my favorite subject was math or art. I love the beauty of logic, but was also enraptured with the unexplainable effects of the aesthetic world around me. So I became a math teacher and an artist. Currently, I am finishing my Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling.

While teaching my junior high girls, I was so disappointed by the women on tabloids they idolized and the frivolous priorities they pursued. Yet, take one look around, and it’s so transparent how our culture worships the vapid nature of immediate, shock-value attention. But it does not last and leaves an insatiable thirst for more.

This space is in pursuit of something more than the “now”… how to become a woman who leaves a lasting legacy. I will be focusing on the lessons learned from women of integrity in these writings and posts.

I hope you enjoy,


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